Blueprint for Expanded Support

With economic conditions in recession. equipment owners are seeking new ways to save operating costs yet OEM's have increasing revenue objectives. Additionally, OEM equipment competitors are actively providing Internet e-commerce solutions seeking to win customers away from the OEM. Doing nothing will result in lost marketshare and lost revenues for the OEM. Making the wrong choice of Internet provider will cost time and money and not engaging an e-commerce expert with the right industry experience will lead to repeating competitor mistakes.

Don't be the last OEM in your industry to launch an effective e-commerce web site. Your customers expect and deserve a reliable means for sourcing replacement parts, components, consumables and supplies via the Internet. Support your valued cusotmers 24/7.

Configure your web site so that it can be found when customers search for your products or services. Start with search engine optimization techniques first. When you're satisfied with the effectiveness of your site, then implore search engine marketing to drive more traffic to your site. Look at the placement of your site after a search engine returns its results.

Maximize your worldwide support structure to maximize the effectiveness of your e-commerce site and the company's existing infrastructure. OEM's can increase their incremental revenue by as much as 15% with an effective e-commerce launch. Get the help you need to do the job right.

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